In the province of Bafut, in the northwest of Cameroon, there is a traditional chief by the name of Albumi II. He is polygamous with 100 wives and 500 children. Few people know it, but this locality of Cameroon has the distinction of having known how to preserve its traditional framework. The traditional power acts in harmony with the authorities. It is placed under the jurisdiction of the government.

Abumi II is the eleventh king of Bafut. He succeeds his father, who died in 1968 and inherits his 72 wives, according to tradition. He already had 28 wives. This brings the number of queens to 100. Today the monarch has around 500 children. Queen Constance, Abumi’s third wife, told the CNN news site: “Our tradition is that when you are king, older brides stay to pass the tradition on to the younger brides, and also to teach the tradition to the younger brides. king because he was previously a prince, not a king ”.

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(The royal palace, with the sacred forest located just behind)

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For King Abumi II, his wives are very important and it is his duty to preserve the culture of his people and their local traditions. “My role is to find the way forward so that subjects can benefit from the fruits of development and modernity without destroying their culture. Without culture, you are not a human being, you are an animal, ”he says.

The royal palace, called “ntoh”, is a major tourist attraction classified as one of the most endangered sites in the world. This five hundred year old kingdom has a rich history. He resisted the German colonial invasion at the beginning of the 20th century.

Source: Fatogoma.