Le Pere Yanko has come out to explain the detail meaning of Keezy EP title. After the Cameroonian Female rapper KEEZY revealed to the public the cover art of her EP, many of her fans and supporters have reacted to it positively though wondering the meaning of the EP Title.

Blogger and Media Personality le Pere Yanko whom was once the PR of the Rapper has shares and breaks down the meaning of the EP.

According to him:


The title of Keezy EP is the rarest and most unique thing I have ever seen in 237 hip hop community. I was probably expecting something like “Energy Goddess” but shockingly she came up with something like UPHEAVAL.. After a lot of research about the meaning of “Upheaval”, let me break it down for you.

UP: Which definitely means standing, staying stronger, Working hard ETC.

HEA: Which means ‘Happily Ever After’. This comes in to define Keezy lifestyle, after her accident which almost took away her life,the Cameroonian rapper didn’t give UP. She stayed stronger and continued to live a Happy Life (UP-HEA) I’m beginning to love this, are you following up?

VAL: Val- comes from a Latin word, which means “worth; health; strength.”Again, Val is the short form of Valentine which means LOVE.. Keezy definitely thinks that, despite her condition, she still deserve to be loved, she still deserve to be treated like a human.She is using her kk situation to give strength to other people who are facing or are in the same situation with her.

When you combine the break down of the words, it’s going to give you the word UPHEAVAL(Which means Staying Strong, Staying happy and Showing Love according to the break down)

Now, We have seen the Literal meaning of UPHEAVAL, what is the English version of it?

UPHEAVAL means Revolution or Change.Keezy is probably trying to tell us the change she is witnessing after her accident, Keezy is trying to tell us that,she is about to change the game,Keezy is probably trying to tell us ,she is about to bring a revolution in the rap game, stigmatisation of female rap and people with Disabilities.

The EP Title is great and logical
The Cover arts speaks for itself.

For me, The title of the EP is bigger than Keezy we should expect such titles of EPs from World Class Rappers Like Drake, Jay Z,Lill Wayne you can name the rest.

Support this Keezy EP like it’s yours ??❤️”

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Cameroonian Blogger Le Pere Yanko Explains everything you need to know About Keezy Fast Coming EP. 3
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