#Chelsea fans protest the Super League outside Stamford Bridge ?‍♂️

? Chelsea are now preparing documentation to request withdrawing from the Super League.

(☀️) Chelsea will become the first club to walk away from the proposed European Super League. ?

#Petr_Cech was calming Chelsea fans down outside the Bridge before the news that the #Blues are pulling out of the Super League ?

? Chelsea are pulling out of The Super League.

(☀️) #Roman_Abramovich ?? decided Chelsea could not go ahead with joining the ESL and, together with the board, he gave the green light for the club to start preparing documentation to pull out. ?

(☀️) Dortmund, Bayern Munich and PSG hope to convince the English clubs to not take part at the European Super League. ❌

? Manchester City pulling out of Super League. ?

? #City have told organisers they no longer want to be part of the £4.6billion scheme.

? Manchester City will soon follow suit and announce their intention to withdraw from Super League. ?‍♂️

?#Joan_Laporta: “Barca will not enter the Super League without the approval of the Assembly of Members. It is they who decide, it is their club.” ?

? Senior sources at #AtleticoMadrid tell they are OUT, too. ?

More to come. ?