Nigerian actors, Ramsey Nouah and Enyinna Nwigwe have given their opinion on the BAN NIGERIAN MUSIC from Cameroon saga.

First and foremost, the actors wanted to make us understand that, “Divided we fall, United we stand”. We can only succeed if we decide to collaborate with each other.

A couple Cameroonian movies were quoted to support the fact that due to the collaboration between Nigeria & Cameroon, Cameroon got more grounds. Ramsey Nuoah got featured in the Fisherman’s Dairy. He was the one that made the movie to be available on Netflix Worldwide according to what was said at the press conference which took place in Buea, 20th April 2021.

Because of Ramsey’s appearance, a lot of Nigerians have been watching and getting to discover Cameroonians more & more. Faith Fidel who acted as Ekah in the Fisherman’s Dairy is currently in Nigeria shooting movies according Enyinna. That can only occur due to the power of collaboration.

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“Nigeria has similar culture as Cameroon. We speak same English, similar pidgin. People could not even know I was Nigerian. I mean if one was watching from London and is a British, they will all think we are from same country. The Black man isn’t and cannot be your problem. We should rather stand up, collaborate and work as one Africa.” Ramsey Nouah revealed when asked to comment on this.

“Now you know how to pronounce my name. I took a photo of the Buea mountain today and at least 26 people were in my dm saying Cameroon is beautiful and they must visit. This is my first time to visit Cameroon. Now, do you see the influence of collaboration?”, added Enyinna to agree with Ramsey. He says collaboration is beneficial to both countries as Cameroonians discover Nigeria while Nigerians discover Cameroon.