Cameroonians mistake film festivals for Awards ceremony apparently. Nigerian legendary actor, Ramsey Nouah has given a proper meaning of festivals, especially as concern outfits.

Ramsey, 50, and brand ambassador to CAMIFF(Cameroon international film festival) was being accused of presenting poorly at the opening of the CAMIFF which took place in Mountain Hotel Buea, 19th April.

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Some accused him of wearing jeans for a festival while some Cameroonian actors wore suits.

I think people are getting the whole concept of festivals wrongly. Festivals are not Award ceremonies where you have to have a particular dress code, all in glamour. If it were an Award ceremony for example, the narrative would have been different.

I would have probably shown up in a suit. In a festival, you are going to get information, learn, check out what people have been doing, arts wise. You could even show up in shorts. I have attended big festivals like one in the UK and people showed up in shorts. It is a freestyle dressing.”, said the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 2010 for his performance in the movie “The Figurine”.( Not his exact word for word but same meaning)

A festival is an organized series of concerts, plays, or films, typically one held annually in the same place. (Wikipedia)

Ramsey and his colleague Enyinna Nwigwe apart from this spoke about a couple of important things. According to them, Cameroonians should rather focus on the motive of the festival than what he is wearing.

“If you guys use my outfit stuff while using its trend to promote the festival, I am okay with it. I’ll be glad”, said the actor. He wishes Cameroonians promote what’s more important (the festival) and its different activities than focalise on his outfit.

Ramsey & Enyinna Nwigwe almost got late to Cameroon but did everything within their power to arrive not to disappoint anyone. It is quite disappointing no one saw the sacrifice expect to ridicule his outfit.

Afriblinkers, what are you thoughts ?