#Super_League participants Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid could be kicked out of this season’s Champions League on Friday, according to #Danish FA chairman Jesper Moller. ?

#PSG be like… ?

?A new UEFA meeting will now take place within the next 24 hours. There will be a motion to formally expel Arsenal and Man United from the UEL and Man City, Chelsea and Real Madrid from the UCL – meeting will also decide how the competitions will be completed. ?‍♀️

? #UEFA does not rule out the immediate expulsion of Madrid, City and Chelsea from the Champions League semi-finals. Tomorrow all the options will be put on the table and it will be discussed with the lawyers. ?‍♂️

(☀️) #InterMilan, Juventus and AC Milan have told the other clubs during the Serie A meeting this afternoon that their will is to continue to play in Serie A. ?‍♂️

(☀️) UEFA will fight to ban Super League clubs also from domestic leagues. ?‍♂️

(☀️) UEFA President #Ceferin wants to “ban them as soon as possible”. It’s NOT decided yet, it depends by the legal team. ?‍♀️

(☀️) UEFA decision about the Champions League and the #Europa League semi-finals will be made in the next days after meeting with legal team. They’ll decide whether to exclude Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Arsenal. ?

145 clubs have participated in the Champions League since the 1992/93 season (33 nations represented in total). ???

Fans are protesting against the Super League outside Elland Road before #Leeds take on Liverpool tonight. ?

?#JKlopp ??: “The most important part of a football club is the supporters and the team. Nothing can get between that. The players didn’t do anything wrong. We want to qualify for the Champions League next year.” ?

?#Klopp ??: “I’ve the same opinion about ESL. It’s a tough one, people aren’t happy and I’m not involved. Liverpool is more than some decisions. My aim has always been to be part of the Champions League. I like the idea that West Ham can play in the UCL”. ?

?#Carragher ???????: “Jurgen Klopp ?? made his thoughts clear on a European Super League in 2019. If Liverpool lose Jurgen Klopp, those owners will be running out the door within a week.” ✋

?#MarceloBielsa ??: “The rich boys aspire to be more rich, without considering consequences for the rest. They can discard those that they no longer need.” ?‍♂️

#Prince_William: “Now, more than ever, we must protect the football community – from the top level to the grassroots – and the values of competition and fairness at its core. ?

I share the concerns of fans about the Super League and the damage it risks causing to the game we love.” ?

#GaryNeville: “Jurgen Klopp can stop this, he is a man of integrity. #Ole can stop this. We have to mobilise. It must be stopped.” ?

Gary Neville: “We have got to stop this. It is absolutely critical that we stop this. They take away everything in this country that we value to create franchise football. It can never happen.”

#JamieCarragher: “I think supporters up and down this country can stop this. I don’t think it is a done deal, even if the clubs think it’s a done deal. I am convinced this can be stopped. We need to march on stadiums, we all can unite. This CANNOT be allowed to happen.” ?