Cameroonian comedian, Danny Green 2 days ago had a clash with owner of Nabstar Radio. They have been pictured together but apparently, Danny Green did not appreciate the fact that he did a comedy and when Nabstar blog wanted to repost, they reposted without his signature.

This pushed Danny Green to take to his social media handle to show his dismay to that attitude done by the blog.

He wrote :

img 0795

In response to that, Nabstar Company released a press release apologizing.

img 0794

Well, Ko-Ac’s manager took to his social media handle to reveal that Nabstar has done nothing but promote Danny Green. He wrote :

“The same blog that has been promoting you, you call it #SmellingBlog ??

Which direction are we taking ?

Where is the love,before the respect ?

Do you know how posts on INSTAGRAM appear or you have forgotten ?

Must building be done through unnecessary fighting ?”

img 0792

In response to this, Danny Green said :

Promoting who ?



I no want d vex me ya

The only time I was on Nabstar was during the Saga of camcomics which Nabstar did that to profit out of the buzz

Man I don’t remember Nabstar ever pulling up to me and promoting me

Make this rubbish say promote end

If I’m not mistake this is the first time they’re Sharing my content and I’m sure it’s because the artiste paid them to do so and that’s why they remove my handle tag from my video

Bro I’m not a kid before I got here I know who promoted me and who didn’t

I thought this would just be a normal social media buzz but you guys are taking it to another level

Say what ever you care but don’t ever day Nabstar promoted me

When I was doing music years ago Nabstar charged me 50k just that be on thier show I couldn’t afford that but when I blew up they invited me for free just to get the buzz

Man no be fool cos I kept silent no mean say I be fool

Make this thing no turn different thing.