Cameroonian influencer Nathalie Koah, was invited at the Ivorian show “show Life Week-end” on Life TV. This was an opportunity for the 34-year-old Cameroonian to express herself on her life as an influencer & entrepreneur.

According to her, all what she is doing to improve herself pays well.

However, the beauty didn’t forget to make mention of the affair she had with Samuel Eto’o years back.

Indeed, the famous Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o had an extra marital relationship with the young woman Nathalie Koah. A case that had ended with a clash, which led to the dissemination of intimate photos of Koah and “La Clé” a book in which Nathalie used to narrate her own part of the story. The book was finally banned after legal proceedings initiated by the footballer.

On the set of Life TV, Nathalie Koah was questioned on the role of Samuel Eto’o in her new professional life revealed:

“It’s a bad for a good … I know it’s a test behind which I learned from lessons but also from opportunities …. We’re not going to say thank you (note: to Eto’o), but we’re not going to spit on it either. Even though it was fine in spite of himself. What I am today, even before that, is also because of him. If I was able to do the training I did, if I was able to travel, it is also thanks to him… This is the first time that I have been given the opportunity to express myself on it… Which happened was really tragic and painful that you can forget what was positive. There was also a lot of positives, moral support when I needed it. It’s not a thank you for this story, it’s a global thank you because in the end if I’m where I am today, it’s more or less because of him, ”said Nathalie Koah.