The UEFA has announced the return of spectators during Euro 2020 but four cities, including Rome, must still provide ‘additional information on their plans’.

Currently eight host countries have confirmed capacities of between 25 per cent and 100 per cent for the European Championship, postponed from last summer and rescheduled for this year.
The UEFA confirm St Petersburg, Budapest, Baku, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen, London and Glasgow have confirmed a minimum capacity of 25 per cent, with Budapest being the only city aiming to host with a full capacity.
“UEFA is pleased to announce that there will be a return of spectators to the EURO 2020 venues and wishes to express its appreciation to its member associations and the national and local authorities who are collaborating closely in ensuring the safe return of spectators to the stadium,” the UEFA wrote in a statement.
“Currently, eight host countries have confirmed stadium capacities based on their projections of an improved health situation in their countries in June and July due to a number of factors, including a country’s vaccination rollout, its planned measures for reopening the economy and the projected slow-down in the virus due to warmer season.”
But Munich, Rome, Bilbao and Dublin have until April 19 to provide ‘additional information’ before a final decision will be made.
“The remaining four cities have until April 19 to provide additional information on their plans and final decisions will be made on that date regarding the staging of matches in those venues,” the statement continued.
“Further information for ticket holders in those four venues will be communicated at that time.”
But the UFEA continued to encourage fans of considering ‘border entry restrictions and requirements’ before planning to travel.
“Fans wishing to travel to the host countries to watch their matches will find it challenging due to ever-changing restrictions,” the statement said. “They will have to comply with the border entry restrictions and requirements (including quarantine) in force at the time, as no exemptions will be granted for ticketholders for nine host countries.”