Cameroonian former footballer, Eto’o has been trending since yesterday night because of a TikTok video that literally revealed a lot.

According to what was seen in the video, Eto’o was cheating on his wife. After investigations from sources, the lady’s name was revealed to be Jackie. Just like Eto’o’s wife Georgette, Jackie is an Ivorian.

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From the news we got, even before Eto’o Fils got married to Georgette, he was dating this lady. Somehow, they managed to separate and she got married to another man while he to Georgette.

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Apparently, her marriage didn’t work out so in 2019, she went back to Eto’o. They were dating. Somehow, Jackie according to sources was over-demanding. She is said to have asked the philanthropist for big mansions, securities, designers … but the star didn’t want to do it because he was beginning to find her over-demanding.

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Well, an anonymous TikTok account was created yesterday and their personal stuff posted on it. It is said it’s Jackie who created it. Stay tune as we will be updating you the more the information unfolds.