On April 6, 2021, the customary wedding of the Cameroonian influencer, Biscuit de Mer to wealthy businessman Francis Mvemba was held. Nathalie Koah, Cameroonian influencer as well who was presented as a “rival” to Biscuit de Mer, once again surprised many by being present at Coco Emilia’s traditional marriage.

Via Life TV’s “Les Lifeuses” reality show, the two queens showed the world that they can get along really well. The legendary enmity that seemed to exist between her dissipated like a mist chased by the rays of the sun.

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Nathalie Koah traveled to Coco Emilia’ s village, Bangangté, Cameroon. It was the first time she ever visited this region of Cameroon.

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“Congratulations again to you Émilia and Francis Mvemba for this incredible stage. May the rest of you be as fluid as your love. ”

Like Nathalie Koah, Emma Lohoues the Ivorian lifer did not make the trip, but she gave the new bride items from her LO’S Beauty store, including eyelashes.

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