When in love, race, religion, tribe or financial state shouldn’t be a barrier or an excuse not to be together.Photos of a couple who wed in the man’s country and village surfaces online.

These photos did not only catch our attention today, but also that Internet users. Posted by “First Mag the real” on the Twitter yesterday, the couple in these photos did not go unnoticed, not only because of their skin colour difference, but also because of their beauty.

img 0239

As we can see, this is a union between two people of different countries, races who have decided to love each other for better and for worse. An African and a white. But what attracts more attention from each other when seeing this beautiful couple is the place where they celebrated their wedding. Certainly in the village of the bridegroom.

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Just to send a deep message that lets understand that we should not be ashamed to fully experience love with the person we have chosen in our life. Neither should we be scared of being proud of who we are and where we come from.