The showdown between Nicky Barcelona and her former lover Fally Ipupa begins to have negative effects in the artiste’s home. Their daughter Keyna Ipupa posted new stuff this Wednesday March 31 on her Instagram story.

Keyna posted a video in which she was seen walking in the middle of the street in France, touching her head. On this post, the oldest daughter of Dicap la Merveille slipped a little message. “Right now, I look like my mother, you’re afraid,” she said.

A few hours later, Keyna Ipupa just posted another photo of hers and wrote on it: “when I get messages from my mother” and then added “don’t get drunk, I don’t take sides with anyone”.

This conflict that erupts in the family of Ipupa and Nicky Menga takes another turn. For his part, El Mara has yet to react, nor his wife Nana Ketchup. Case to follow!