Furious after seeing his goal unfairly canceled against Serbia, Cristiano Ronaldo threw his captain’s armband to the ground. A reaction that he subsequently justified on social networks.

Incredible scenario on Saturday evening during the meeting between Portugal and Serbia. After a brace from Diogo Jota, Serbia did the job to reduce the score and equalize in the second half.

However, at the end of the match, Cristiano Ronaldo had scored the winning goal. But the referee, who thought he saw the ball not fully enter the cage, decided to refuse the goal.

Enough to explode the anger of the captain of the Portuguese selection, and rightly so, since the images show that his goal should have been validated, if the VAR and the Goal-line technology had been present.

Furious, Cristiano Ronaldo threw his captain’s armband on the ground. After the meeting, the player posted a message on social networks to explain the situation, while recalling that being a captain was a source of pride for him.

“Being the captain of the Portugal team is one of the greatest pride, one of the greatest privileges of my life. I give my all and will always give my all for my country. That will never change”, began the player. in its publication.

“But there are tough times to deal with, especially when we feel like a whole nation is affected. Let’s raise our heads to face the next challenge now. Go Portugal,” he added.