Real Madrid management will no longer meet with Sergio Ramos and offer him no better deal than a one-year extension with a cut in salary.

The Sergio Ramos case continues to generate ink in Spain. At the end of the contract next June, the Real Madrid captain has still not signed an agreement with his club for a possible extension.
The two parties cannot come to an agreement. However, Real Madrid do not seem ready to give in to the demands of their defender and have reportedly sent him an ultimatum.
According to information from ‘ABC’, the merengue management have informed Sergio Ramos that they will not offer him a new offer, and that there will be no more negotiations. It’s now take it or leave it for the defender.
The latest proposal made by the club was a one-year contract extension, with a 10% pay cut. His salary would drop from 12 million euros per year to 10.8. A future extension could be considered depending on his performance.
In the event of a hypothetical contract extension for the 2022-2023 season, Sergio Ramos could once again receive his 12 million euros annual salary, hoping that the economic situation has stabilized.

What would be clear is that Florentino Perez will no longer meet with his captain to negotiate. It is therefore up to the player to make a decision on his future, and to give an answer to his club soon.