Princess Brenda Biya, Cameroon’s first daughter has revealed that all she ever wanted these past two years of her life was to find the ‘one person’ with whom she can make a family with. She is definitely very anxious to make babies.

Brenda has stated that, she doesn’t have equal views like every other person. While people will be more directed to the ‘paperwork’ she is all over the happy family. She prefers having a child she can bond with, rather than marry to please the society.

The beauty did not hesitate to clearly state that, she is in no haste to get into any relationship like every other person. And she is sure that when she will get the right one, the public wouldn’t even know. Just 5% of her life is shown to the public, Bree added.

She wrote :

All I’ve ever wanted for the past two years, was to find ‘my person’ and make a little family out of my own. Actually, I’ve wanted that forever. I know a lot of girls dream about getting married and get excited about that than a lot of things. I take marriage very seriously so I’m in no rush, you don’t rush these kinds things… they happen when they happen…besides I don’t want to make mistakes.

So honestly as of today I’m more excited about having a kid of my own. I feel like I’ll have unconditional love for my kid and vice versa. We will have an amazing bond.

So yes I prioritize having my own kids, having my own family over some paperwork just to legitimate me in the eyes of the society. I’ve never been the kind to just follow the masses… I like to form my on views based on a lot of things. That was Dee, anyways I go crazy, baby fever right now and it’s overwhelming just thought I would share.

Brenda didn’t end here, she went ahead to address those who always shame her.

She said :

And those of you who always try to shame me by asking where is my man and what not…it don’t do shit to me.

I could have a bf just please y’all and make myself look “cool” or interesting but frankly it isn’t really a priority. I’d find it when I find it and have it be private fresh and real and not for show at all. To each they own.

Or maybe I’ve had a boyfriend for a minute and been keeping it to the DL, my point is like you guys see like 5% of my life on social networks. There could very much lots of things you guys don’t see or know. It is what it is!

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