A young Cameroonian man goes mad after refusing to sacrifice his mother for a “magic wallet” ritual.

Having money without really making an effort has become the dream of many people, mostly young people. For this, many of them are ready to go to marabouts and witch doctors to achieve their ends. In most cases, these witch doctors demand huge sacrifices for the rituals, which can go as far as giving the life of a close relative.

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This is how a young Cameroonian who wanted to be rich without working, went to see a witch doctor to do what is called a “magic wallet”. The witch doctor gave him a “magic” wallet, but as a sacrifice, he was supposed to give his mother’s life. A condition at first, the young man agreed to. But when the moment of sacrifice arrived, the latter retracted.

In a video that circulated all over the Internet, we saw him taking off his t-shirt and saying: “Take your wallet, I don’t want to kill my mother. Take your wallet ”. According to witnesses, he was very well dressed and appeared normal before he began his fit of insanity.

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