Cameroonian rapper, Tenor has been staying on the Ebrié Lagoon shores these past few days. Giving details on the reasons for this trip of his, Ténor said he honoured professional commitments, in addition to spending pleasant moments of relaxation. During a TV show, the artiste commented on a number of rumours circulating about him.

Invited to a TV show on March 16, the artiste had quite number of questions to answer. When it came to his relationship with Eunice Zunon, the rapper was elusive. On his career, however, he was more specific, before setting the record straight for some rumours about him.

The host asked the rapper if it is true he belongs to any secrete cult because of his rather atypical style. Tenor is well known to appear with a lot of ambiguity in his various videos, with his special gestures and his particular play with the eyes. Something that creates a myth around the artiste, therefore, accused of performing occult practices.

Without hesitation, the rapper answered the famous question of whether he really belonged to a cult.

He said : “People believe what they want. Cult or not, the main thing is that you have to work.”

An answer that obviously did not convince Internet users. For them, the rapper should answer yes or no. They therefore remain skeptical on the question.