Jovi deciding to let his fans know about the song he did with Nigerian singer Wizkid has caused an endless controversy.

While others say he is seeking for notice, others appreciate the song.

Tilla, Cameroonian singer & rapper has ridiculed Jovi. It is worth knowing that Tilla used to be signed under Jovi’s label. She has taken to her Twitter handle to be one of those who do not appreciate this act from Jovi.

She wrote :

Do you know you can send beats to an artist and while the artist freestyle on the beat another person record am dung dung like say na official song ? Then project burn after the man for beat run go record verse after how many years start claim say iy be be na featuring ? Lmfao.

Tills did not end there, she continued :

Na so when I go don blow too that man go start some kind weezy news say tills is the only female rapper I collaborated the most with and even sang her chorus 7 years ago.

She did not mention the person’s name but we all know who is referring to. What’s your take on this ?

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