Knowing we at are your gist hub, we noticed that the Bamenda boy is allegedly married leaving lots of persons unawares.

If y’all followed us up previously, we had stated that gossip US based blogger Dilis Esaw had given out news that Magasco was planning to get married the Saturday of that week. His well-known baby mama Ebangha even revealed via her Snapchat story that she is single…Read more

The marriage stuff went into water like nothing happened but we’ve been noticing that the Bamenda Boy has been showing off his lady of recent so much.

This could only mean love, nothing else.

Well Afriblinkers, it didn’t end there. Magasco posted a photo on his IG story and we noticed he was wearing a marriage ring.

Could it be that the news formerly revealed by the aforementioned gossip blogger is true?

Apparently, Magasco got married away from the public & is living a peaceful marriage life.

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