In an interview with Italian magazine Sportweek, Georgina Rodriguez talks about her private life with Cristiano Ronaldo and talks about their projects.

Coming from a humble background, Georgina Rodriguez has become a glamor icon since dating Cristiano Ronaldo. The greatest creators seek her out and magazines are scrambling to find out more about her private life. An exercise that the native of Buenos Aires seems to enjoy, evidenced by the revelations she made in the Italian magazine Sportweek.

“Happy in Turin”, where she and the Portuguese striker “lack for nothing”, Georgina Rodriguez does not hide her desire to expand the family. Cristiano Jr, Eva, Mateo and Alana Martina, the four children of “CR7”, could therefore soon have company… “We would be delighted to be parents again, but it will happen when it does”, she confides .

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“Changing a bulb is impossible”

If “every day with Cris is a gift,” she says their daily life is clearly not that of Mr. and Mrs. Everyone. She is well aware of it. “He doesn’t cook,” she reveals, for example. After training all morning, he deserves to find a hot meal lovingly prepared on the table. We have a chef, and sometimes I’m the one who cooks. ”

The star goalscorer of Juventus is so pampered that even the simplest tasks are forbidden to him. “Changing a light bulb at home is impossible because we have very high ceilings. If you were Cristiano Ronaldo, would you change a light bulb almost 6 meters above the ground? It is better not ”, explains his partner, aged 27.

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“He is my inspiration”

“He has to take care of himself to be the best he can be. I take care of the rest. I make sure everything is going well. I like to take care of my home and my family, ”she continues. Everything is being done so that Cristiano Ronaldo, with an irreproachable hygiene of life, only has to concentrate on his job. Even if he finds some time to spend with his sweetheart … in the gym.

“We share it because there is only one at home,” she says. I learned a lot from him. He trains me and motivates me. In the end, you are the reflection of what you see and I, I see him. I was already fit and athletic, but I feel even better because of him. At first, I was ashamed to train with him. It’s Cristiano Ronaldo … But everything has changed, he is my inspiration. “