A young woman, Sarah Shimenenge seeks justice against BSUTH after she lost one of her breast due to an error in diagnosis during her NYSC in 2017.

According to reports, miss Sarah only found out about the error after undergoing 8 chemotherapy sessions, 25 rounds of radiotherapy and a single mastectomy on her left breast.

Miss Sarah’s oncologist at the national hospital, Abuja noticed discrepancies in the result she presented. After investigations involving the two hospitals and an NGO (Project Pink Blue), it was discovered that miss Sarah has never been a cancer patient.

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Benue state university Teaching Hospital (BSUTH) cuts off lady's breast and later finds out that she doesn't have cancer.... 2

It was after this discovery that miss Sarah was offered a breast reconstruction surgery and a job during a meeting with the commissioner of health for Benue state which she turned down as she saw it as a way to keep her quiet over the issue. Miss Sarah is at the moment very concerned about the effects of the chemotherapy and the opportunity of studying for her PhD which she missed during this drama.