With the many accolades received, just to name a few; include Multiple National and International Best Seller Author, as well as, National and International Speaker, and native HoustonianDr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean is now the cover model and SHERO business feature in Working Your Business Magazine

Dr. Jackson-Dean the TV Network Owner, TV Talk Show Queen, The Pen Slayer, wife, Mother, Daughter, Disable Air Force Veteran, (MST) Military Sexual Trauma Advocate, Non-Profit Organization Funder, Producer, Director, Coach, and friend for many has now added another chapter to her book called Life. 

Dr. Jackson-Dean does not knock she kicks doors in. She is a ground shaker and glass ceiling breaker! Although, no one would be in disbelief knowing she was a model in her lifetime, spending many years in front of the camera, now she is now spending time helping others do the same (in other ways). With her company JDI Multi-Media Network, she offers a digital home for podcasters, talk shows, docu-series, movies, and even those inspiring to bring their work to the masses. Her network assists others with getting on TV. She assists inspiring writers to becoming published authors and collaborate with established authors. 

Dr. Jackson-Dean’s influence expands years and has become a Global Force to be reckon with through varies industries to include education, media, research and project management. She is committed to holding the door open for those coming behind her and brings several along with her. Dr. Jackson-Dean states, “Successful people are collaborative, not competitive.” She chooses this motto with the belief that there is enough success, benefits, love, and money out here for us all to eat well and not starve. With this, she does not beg to be at anyone’s table because she is the table and makes opportunities for herself and others. Dr. Jackson-Dean states, “I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will always find me.”

With her signature (CTA) salutation… Just so You Know, Dr. Jackson-Dean says...has quickly become recognizable worldwide, it provides a warm prelude to her wisdom and humongous smile she always wears. Dr. Jackson-Dean is paving the way for others which is why she is the perfect role model for Black History and Women’s History all at the same time. Just So You Know, Dr. Jackson-Dean says… As I am, I am a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously. It’s the #Twist in me.   

Dr. Jackson-Dean is described as an inspiration to others with her seven published books, five collaborations, primary Anthology and several projects in the works, all while gracing the speaking platforms all over the world. Dr. Jackson-Dean is currently working on a major Anthology and Mental Health Study with high emphasis on the longevity impact of Traumatization. For those interested in being a part of this phenomenal literary work visit www.DrLaShondaJacksonDean.com

for LiteraryProjects.

To book Dr. LaShonda Jackson-Dean for your speaking events, interviews or appearances contact her publicist at Publicist.DrLJacksonDean@gmail.com.

For her books and other services visit www.DrLaShondaJacksonDean.com.