Chelsea coach and former PSG coach Thomas Tuchel was impressed by Kylian Mbappé’s performance against FC Barcelona.

Thomas Tuchel worked with Kylian Mbappé at PSG before leaving for Chelsea and has no doubts that the young striker has everything to become the world number one.

“Mbappé’s hat-trick at Camp Nou was a message and that’s what he demands of himself. He shows his potential and what he can do. He’s young and hungry, but he’s a shark in his life. way of thinking. He wants it. It’s that mindset that he needs and I say it in a positive way. He’s a good, smart and super fun person, but when he gets on the pitch, that is a shark. If a drop of blood falls into the water, it devours everything, that’s Mbappé. If you want to reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who have been here for many years and are not ready to leave simply because Kylian Mbappé arrived, and that he must accept, “said Tuchel, during a press conference