The Chambly club has announced that it is strongly affected by the English variant of Covid-19. The match in Clermont this Saturday is clearly threatened.

The Covid-19 continues to strongly affect French clubs. Traveling to Clermont this Saturday afternoon on behalf of the 25th day of Ligue 2, the Chambly club informed that 17 members of the team and staff had been contaminated by the English variant, and in particular the coach , Bruno Luzi, who did not make the trip to Auvergne.

The team traveled to Auvergne – by bus and in particularly complicated weather conditions given the last snowfall in the region – with only ten players from the professional squad available.

“Today we have 17 people with the English variant. Compared to the first positive test, there is something that is unfolding with tremendous speed, it is very contagious and at the same time you have a lot more symptoms,” club president Fulvio Luzi said on BFMTV.

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“A case occurred in the bus, it was quite gloomy in terms of the trip. We are a little traumatized. There is no good news since the hotel we are in is afraid of being closed. fourteen days. Maybe we’ll be kicked out of the hotel at noon. We’ll have to wait on the bus until 5-6 p.m. before going to the stadium. ”

A meeting which could therefore be postponed in view of the situation, even if no decision has yet been taken. “We have no idea, at the moment we are preparing to play it,” continued the president.

“There is a chance that it will be played, unfortunately. There is also the possibility of infecting the opponent. I am not talking about the athlete. Between the two teams, there is a difference in level, but we has no head for football today. We await the decision of the league which is slow in coming. We hope to return home as soon as possible, without new cases. ”

Since the start of the season, two matches (Nancy-Grenoble and Niort-Valenciennes) have been postponed due to the pandemic. However, many staff have been affected and forced to play some games reduced since the beginning of the fall.