Have you ever asked yourself why men wear earrings? the most common answers would be trend and tradition. Despite the fact that wearing earrings may work against men in many situations, like going to the church with it.

Here are reasons why some men wear ear rings:

1.A Fashion Trend. Anyone who loves fashion, being outdoors and staying trendy could pick on this trend and make it their own. Most especially with great advertising, fashion houses push the trends and influence heavily on an individual’s overall decision.

2. A Religious Custom or Tradition. As earlier mentioned, Indian men have for long kept their ear-piercing tradition and this is not expected to stop any time soon.

3. As a Symbol of Status or Wealth. If you take the case of diamonds, they are the rarest, hardest and most precious metals in the world and they are extremely high value. Some wealthy people, other than using these gems just for decoration, they invest in them and keep them as a form of safety cushion that they can rely on if all hell breaks loose and they need some financial assistance.

4. Actors in Character. Most often than not, movies are fictitious and over grammaticized to capture and keep our attention.  It’s no wonder they have such a huge influence in daily life. Sometimes these actors who we so adore, portray a certain lifestyle that we consider cool but in essence, it is all an act.

There is no doubt that when young impressionable guys see these images, it increases their desire to want to be like someone they admire.

5. To Attract Women. Naturally, some men will get pierced imagining that their female counterparts will be impressed enough to go out on a date with him. A few studies have been conducted and proven that some girls are attracted to men with pierced ears.

6.In honor of a Gift. Believe it or not, men would get a piercing done if you were their wife or girlfriend and got them a gift of a pair of cool masculine studs.

7. Presenting your Sexuality or Making a Statement. While it was usual for criminals to use earrings as an identifier between themselves, this is no longer the case. Wearing a stud on the right ear may mean that a man is homosexual but this notion is fading fast. In this new age people don’t seem to care so much about what your earring says about you but more about what type it is and how it looks on you.

To Rebel.  The most obvious reason that stems from childhood is rebellion. Children will try anything to fit in, to mess with their parents or just to be funny. Most men get their ears pierced when in elementary or high school whether due to pressure or self-identification.

9. For one’s spirituality. It is believed that long ear lobes like Buddha are a sign of spiritual development and superior status. Young yogis even now follow the practice of stretching the piercing to stimulate the psychic nerves connected to the ears.

What is your take about men who wear ear rings ?