Stevens music singer, Ewube will be dropping an album soon. From a video she did regarding this, she has never been so excited in her entire life about a release she is about to make.

Imagine the crooner of multiple beautiful pieces of art being excited of the one coming forward.

It will obviously be a shot at everyone’s face. The beauty equally announced this via her Twitter handle t that she will bring something for her army and asks them to prepare.

This February is a hot one with all your favourite top artistes releasing what you want to hear.

Apparently, they were waiting for Valentine’s month to gift their fans something.

All excited, Ewube wrote:

I wanna make my fans feel like a million dollars!! What you feel is what you profess and what you profess is what you become. Let’s Go!!!!

Got mad tunes coming for y’all ? tunes, is my army ready?

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