Cameroonian radio host, communicator, Mc and promoter has a pertinent question for Cameroonian celebrities.

The Cameroonian social media space has been full of controversies of recent. Artistes calling out on Cameroonians claiming they are not being supported.

This even led to the banning of foreign music speeches all over social media. Artistes have repeatedly called out on bloggers, promoters and media outlets saying they aren’t being supported by them.

We wouldn’t say their claims are factual because you are on Afriblinksblog littered with Cameroonian musical content. And almost all artistes written about have not given the blog a penny for that.

If we are being fair, we will rather say they are ungrateful because apart from work package, only few have shared the articles written on them.

So Dulafe Taya is wondering how many celebrities have taken out their time to actually compensate the media as a new year package gift.

Taking to his Facebook handle, he wrote :

Cameroonian artistes wetti stinginess do wuna? Wuna don call how many promoters or bloggers give them small new year envelope? U expect work for free as usual right? Support ur own na only for artistes saaahh.Always crying victims.

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Do you think he has a valid point?