The Management of ‘’Bright Star Music’’ is pleased to announce to the public, about their first 2021 project by versatile afrobeatsinger, composer and songwriter “E-PRINCE” titled “Holy Water”. E-Prince is one of the most interesting African singers coming out of Cameron right now. The singer made his first appearance on the music scene in late 2018 with the single “Malaika”. The 30-year-old steers away from typical mainstream Cameroon music and experiments with his sound that has been influenced by afrobeat. 

The singer is breaking divisions and connecting with many young people through his music like “Your body, Only You, My Woman and chop me run” and he is looking to score many points and plays across the continent with his new release “Holy Water”.

His signature is melodic, energetic, welcoming and contagious music. Holy Water is that one music you won’t want to miss in 2021. The singer’s youthful Afrobeats and Highlife sound makes his music accessible to people beyond Belgium & Cameroon’s borders.

He is also leading the pack of new school artists from Cameroon and has worked with Some Belgian singers and rapper which he looks to present in this season.

The song was produced by “Tha suspect”. Endeavor to follow him on all social media platforms (@E-princeartist or @E-PrinceOfficial) for full update and lifestyle. 

Signed : BSM Management.