Cameroonian music diva, Nabila Rod says yes to her France based lover Nicolas Paez. This is no surprise to persons who have been following her up of recent.

Even in her most recent song; Dis Moi, she expressed her love for her Bae and asked him to promise her he will be there for her forever. On his birthday, she did something sweet of which he reposted.

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Nabila apparently has found a lot of love in this man. From her tweets after she got into a relationship with this man, one can say he has brought happiness into her life. She repeatedly advised girls to date guys who treat them right, take them out on dates…

Well, they were out on a drive in which later on Nicolas surprised her with a bouquet and a ring to ask for her hand in marriage. Obviously, it is the love of her life she couldn’t resist. She agreed and they went on a date later in the evening.

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New year has kicked-off pretty well for lots of artistes. It has not been long Blaise B engaged his gf.

Nabila’s engagement will somewhat be a shocking news to some due to the fact that they hoped she ended up with Sango Edi, Cameroonian music producer and her baby daddy.

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But again, it is what it is!