Mesut Özil will live an unprecedented experience playing for the club of his heart but Fenerbahçe has made a rather surprising request.

Mesut Özil is preparing to start a new phase of his career in Turkey with Fenerbahçe. But the millionaire salary that the emblem of Istanbul will have to pay remains a problem.
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This is why the club has set up a crowdfunding campaign with supporters in order to be able to afford the player’s salary. Each mobile SMS for the “Mesutol Campaign” sent to the number 1907 (year of foundation) costs 2.25 euros and in one day the club received 150,000 euros. The German arrives for free after agreeing to a termination with Arsenal and was able to freely negotiate his contract, which will guarantee him 75,000 euros per week, or nearly 4 million euros per year until 2024, according to the latest news. . Figures much lower than those earned in London: 400 thousand euros per week, 20 million per year.