There have been a lot of controversies of recent online. The Naija Vs Camer “ban music” controversy in which Tzy Panchak went ahead to have a feud with Cameroonian event organizer Prince Enobi.

Tzy Panchak is a Cameroonian singer, song writer and performer. He is one of the only Cameroonian artiste who has lended a helping hand to his colleagues and helped lots of them.

Well, according to CoffeeWitnDilis who seldom lie about her news, Tzy Panchak will be getting married very soon.

img 6303

CoffeeWithDilis always has accurate gist from the right sources. Her news is always 98% accurate. Meanwhile, she has reported that Tzy will be getting married soon to American based skincare specialist Edith Delight.

img 6304

Well, let’s wait and see what will happen. Y’all will be updated on everything.