Water fufu ( fermented cassava squeezed) & Eru is a Cameroonian dish that originated from the South West region of Cameroon. It’s the traditional meal of the Bayangi people. However, due to its richness in food class and good taste, Eru is loved all over Cameroon by both the French and English persons. A lot of people especially from the French part of Cameroon do not know how to cook this beautiful dish. That is why we will be taking a step-by-step process with y’all on how to cook Eru & water fufu (which garri fufu could be used as a compliment in place of it anyways) beautifully.


  • Sliced Eru leaves
  • Water leaf
  • Canda meat
  • Beef meat
  • Dry fish (mbunga)
  • Palm oil (“read oil”)
  • Maggi, salt, crayfish, pepper.
  • Bought water fufu


  • Wash beef and Canda thoroughly, arrange the dry fish. img 5922img 5923
  • Pick and slice water leaf.

img 5927

  • Wash arranged water leaf aside, wash the bought Eru as well.img 5928
  • Put meat in the pot with sufficient water, add maggi, salt.
  • img 5930
  • After it boils for some time, add washed canda.
  • When they are ready, add the washed water leaf.
  • Allow water leaf to get very ready (soft) then add the Eru.
  • Let the Eru get ready, add cray fish, dry fish, oil, maggi, salt for more taste.

img 5925img 5924img 5926img 5929

  • Allow it this time around to actually get ready well, blend with the ingredients while you are mixing. img 5932
  • Pour the water fufu in an empty pot, be grinding while adding water to soften.

img 5934

  • When sufficiently soft, place the pot on fire.
  • Keep turning till it gets ready.
  • Make it in bundles and serve Water fufu and Eru all hot for consumption.

img 5933

  • Bonne appétit ❤️❤️