In an attempt to prevent the further spread of the deadly pandemic, COVID-19, the Minister of Public Health under instructions of Minister Manaouda Malachie carried out the test in various schools.

The testing of students in various schools in the towns of Yaoundé and Douala took a week and 204 were revealed to have been contaminated with the deadly virus.

From the sources, over 13 schools were visited to test and approximately 5000 students were being screened of the Covid-19. Yaoundé contrary to Douala had no single positive case of the Corona Virus. Douala alone indicated total cases of 204 students diagnosed with the COVID-19.

According to the information from the Ministry of Public Health, the students diagnosed with the virus were immediately taken to the Public Health Emergency Operation Centre for required care to be given.

For the Public Health Minister, students may have mild symptoms which might be easily transmitted to their older relatives. That is why they said in order to mitigate the spread of this virus, it has employed abstract of mass sensitization campaigns in school likewise distribution of fliers and leaflets to students and pupils.