Wouldn’t say statistics, but after having studied human behaviours, one can conclude that every single person has a little bit of insecurity. The problem is, some are gross about theirs.

Self-esteem is very significant for every human who wishes to find genuine happiness. Self-esteem is an individual’s subjective evaluation of their own self worth.

How do you picture yourself ?

If you are proud of yourself, you will endeavour never to do things that prove you don’t feel confident about yourself. Surgeries included.

Why don’t you have self-esteem and what can you do to be confident ?

To begin with, a lot of humans lack self-esteem due to the comparison nature of humans. For example, someone who feels she has a smaller buttocks will see one who has a natural big buttocks and start feeling insecure and uncomfortable about themselves. How do you get over this ? Know that you were born unique and can never be another person no matter what you do. Stop comparing with people. Taking a day-to-day life example, if you are on Instagram and feel a little bit insecure about yourself, you should follow people who move towards your body direction and capabilities. You can’t feel you are very fat and follow Kylie Jenner. You should follow ladies who are proud of their weight on IG and that will help you not to feel insecure. You cannot claim you wish to get closer to God and follow one who does everything against God’s will. You will start feeling insecure and questioning yourself if the ways of God actually brings enjoyment. So in order to get self-esteem, stop the comparison.

Again, refusal of self-acceptance. Humans refuse to accept who they’re and it causes insecurities. Others pretend not to feel less about themselves and that’s even worst. Like the 3rd law of Karma started, you should accept something in order to change it. If you feel you’ve got a very big nose, you have to first of all accept that Bose of yours as a natural physical part God gave you in which you can’t do anything about it in order to feel secure and happy about who you are.

In addition, the feel you need one to make you happy. That’s the worst feeling ever. There are a group of persons who feel they probably need to be in a relationship for example in order to be happy. A couple of people think that if they don’t have a man or woman in their life, they are incomplete.

The Bible says: Love your neighbours like you love yourself. This only means, u can never ever love someone if you don’t love yourself. If you love yourself it means you should learn how to be happy with yourself. You should be able to do things without soliciting one’s attention to be happy. How can you do this ? You should normalize watching Tv, going out on dates, offering yourself gifts, smiling, sleeping enough etc. You don’t always need a man or a lady to do this things for you. You are first of all you before being someone’s wife or gf(husband or bf). Love yourself and you will gain your self-esteem. Do not wait for people’s opinion about you in order to conclude. Like you think you are gorgeous just because A or B said so not because you actually feel so.

Moreover, refusal to talk. If you have a lot of insecurities and pile it up in your mind, it might push you to even commit suicide. If you feel uncomfortable about yourself, it’s okay to seek for professional help and actually push forward for nothing comes easy. Be patient!

To end with, limitation of one’s self. Humans limit themselves to what they can see which causes them insecurities. You should be able to be curious, contented and versatile. Do not say, I can’t ever do this, this is meant for just a particular set of humans. It makes you insecure. Everyone can do everything if they really want to do it. Be able to take up that decision and help yourself.

Hopefully this was helpful, you should always remember to love yourself.