‘Soon Daphne will become a nude model’, Daril attacks Daphne’s dressing sense.

Daphne Njie remains Cameroon’s most followed singer on Instagram. She earned a lot of Awards & followers from her numerous hits starting from Calée to where she is today.

The crooner who tied the knot of recent has been accused by lots from the onset for being indecent. They claim she doesn’t dress well but creates stories to attract pity. According to Daril Fabsine, her indecency is underrated while her rape story is overrated. Getting the rape story in a nutshell, Daphne had revealed that she had not had sex for the past 10 years. This is because she was raped at a teenage age, from then trauma couldn’t permit her to have sex with anybody. However, this is a new phase and she is ready to settle down and have kids.

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Some fans went ahead to ponder why a married woman dresses the way she does. But Mrs Sama had, previously stated clearly that her husband is well pleased with her outfits and piercings. He came to her like that two years ago and have loved her same way since then.

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Daphne has flaunted their love life on her Snapchat story and it is worth knowing that her husband is very pleased with her dressing and everything. He knows what he got into.

However, fans still think she shouldn’t dress the way she ought to be dressing given her rape history

. Daril Fabsine says Daphne knows how to be very consistent, if her music isn’t the talk of the day at least her lifestyle is. For the entertainer, Daphne has overtaken Blanche Bailly as far as indecent dressing is concern.

Taking to his social media handle, he wrote :

“Daphne’s indecency is underrated while her rape story is overrated, she’s finally overthrown Blanche Bailey. She has a very good strategy to stay on top of the game. Musically, her pap dong start cold, the next thing go be sey she’s now a nude model???”

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