Biography of Ajim Maczy, career and discovery.

Ajim Maczy is a young cameroonian public speaker, a singer/song writer and a technician in epidemiology/Public health.

Born on the 12th December in to a beautiful family 6, father being a teacher and mother a business lady .

The crooner’s lineage is Kom/Oku from the north west region of Cameroon. Ajim had the privilege to live in many parts of Cameroon due to the numerous transfers his father got as a teacher.

He has an incredible academic record with 9 O level GCE papers from GBHS Babessi and 4 A level papers from GBHS Ndop.

He then moved to the university of dschang where he studied medicine/public health. Ajim as of now have been to 2 countries abroad (Cyprus in Europe and United Arabs Emirates in Asia) where he has continued to push is career to higher levels.

His love for the spotlight is inborn, and he has always had the opportunity to shine his light at various levels right from childhood through programs and games at schools.

However, his love for music even became stronger when he had the opportunity to work with producers like Daz B of high light entertainment and most importantly had the opportunity to taste stardom through his elder brother Sony B(May his soul rest in peace) . He had the opportunity to flex with top celebrities like Tenor , Mani bella, K-tino etc…

He is product of the choir,for almost all his life he has been a chorister. However, Ajim’s career fully started in 2020 with great motivational videos and then his first musical single titled Super Hero , with which more is to come.