8th Edition of Balafon Music Awards – List of winners.

The red carpet of the 8th edition of Balafon Music Awards took place yesterday Thursday, December 10, 2020 at Saint David’s Square in Bonanjo, with the presence of several personalities including the governor of the coastal region Samuel IVAHA DIBOUA.
It is at 8:30 p.m. that the awards ceremony for the 8th edition of Balafon Music Awards began. A ceremony broadcast on nearly eight Cameroonian television channels, including sun + TV, STV, BOOM TV, My Media Prime, My Media Music, Balafon TV etc… not to mention balafon radio.
Indeed, 50 artists were in competition, for only 10 winners, of 10 categories including female revelation of the year, male revelation of the year, best collaboration, video clip of the year, female voice of the year, voice Male of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Male Artist of the Year. Besides that, we had special out-of-competition rewards.

A special balafon was given to the MAC (Cameroonian Artist Movement for Peace) initiated a few weeks ago by Maahlox, Dynasti the tiger, Xzafrane, etc … In this same special category, Sale John receives an honorary balafon from the hands the governor of the coastal region.

In this same special category once again, Aveiro Djess with “Le Nyama” received the end of year party song award with 6,212 votes.
Before revealing the rewards of the 10 competing categories, let’s first go back to the speech of the promoter of this event, Cyrille Bojiko. The speech was complete, 360 ° degree coverage was done on the cultural and artistic aspect during this year. Performers without shows, due to the coronavirus pandemic, continued to produce hits. Alongside this we also had awards from the head of state to the rank of knight of the order and valor of certain artists. Without forgetting Cameroonian artists who died during this year; like Moussa Aïssa, Mama Nguea, Ntumba Minka, Manu Dibango. A minute’s ovation was given for these missing Cameroonian music. Even though the speech of the CEO of Balafon Media Group was interrupted by an electrical load shedding around 9:40 p.m., the evening itself was wow. Here are the different rewards for you in order of the trophy presentation.

Female Revelation of the Year

This category put four artists in competition, including Rinyu, Darina Victry, Daniela Ahanda and Sandy. Darina Victry comes out victorious in this category with a total of 93,887 votes and a sum of 250,000 Fcfa. Note that she received this award for the first time, on the first stage which received it as an artist, especially an award initiated by Cyrille Bojiko who received it at Balafon Radio for his first time on a radio station. The other revelations in this category had 57210 for Rinyu, 31001 for Daniela Ahanda and 26711 for Sandy.

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Male Revelation of the Year

The Mbolé emerges victorious in this category, with medeline doctors for 82,232 votes and a sum of 250,000 CFA francs as a reward.

img 93371982646261883069990

Better collaboration

For a total of 92953, Tzy Panchak won the award for best collaboration featuring Vivid, Gasha. He is seconded by Magasco featuring Lady Ponce for a total of 71,934 votes.

img 93393737306058447955841

Video clip of the year

It’s Locko with the same title that wins in this category with a total of 76,520 votes. He will be seconded by Salatiel with 62,034 votes.

img 93387258977261698408679

Female voice of the year

This category was quite competitive. Darina Victry won this trophy with 62,493 votes. Daphne will follow her directly with 61,944 votes.

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Male voice of the year

Another category where the victory came with a hundred votes. Locko came out victorious in this category with 62,574 votes, and Tzy Panchak second with 62,195 votes.

img 9338 17104824256868328218

Song of the year

Once again Darina Victry gets a reward, coming out victorious in this category with 96,572 votes. She received her prize from Doctor Edimo, regional delegate for arts and culture.

img 9336 24105548445124914999

Album of the year

Locko, victorious in this category with the Lockep-up album, for 53,820 votes and 500,000 Fcfa as a reward.

img 9338 27063998882588202750

Female Artist of the Year

In this category, among the various lots from which the winner should benefit, it is the award of a 300m2 plot which was very well received. And it is Kameni who will emerge victorious with a total of 83,549 votes and a sum of 250,000 Fcfa.

img 93413648468221468478108

Male Artist of the Year

Just like female artists, the same is true in this category when it comes to awards. With a total of 89,929 votes, KO-C emerges as the winner in this category and takes the opportunity to call on the government to restore peace to NW/SW.

img 93401608722328362876049

At the end of this ceremony, the satisfaction was total, of the organizers, through the various artists proud of each other, and also of the public who were very well served from a musical point of view, with several artistic performances. The curtains of the 8th edition of Balafon Music Awards close on a performance by Toto Guillaume. See you again next year!