« Stop saying Cameroon trained me, I am self made » Richard Bona

International bassist,Richard Bona has refused to associate his artistic genius side with the Cameroonian background.

On December 7, 2020, Richard Bona made a live on his Facebook page. During this live, the bassist refused to let anyone say that it was Cameroon who formed him and made him the musical genius he is today.

“Stop saying, ‘oh Cameroon trained you’. Who trained? I trained and those who saw precisely this creative energy valued it “(…) Do you want to train? Train yourself. Don’t wait for Cameroon to train you, “he said, arguing that Cameroon” is “deforming people,” the artist added.

Richard Bona presents himself as a self made man. He made himself. He watched artists like Emile Kangue play the guitar. So he got the ability to design guitars, which has allowed him to get contracts in recent years on his own.

“I could never have developed this in Cameroon … We don’t even have a cell in Cameroon that detects real talent. Because there are people who are born with innate talent. They believe in talent that talent is learning to fly at ENAM. Anyone can do it, ”he added.

Richard Bona says he liked the guitar from an early age. “When I was born in a small village far from the city, far from the capital, we didn’t even have a radio. But every Sunday we went to church. I saw the others playing and that made me happy. And when, at 2, 3 years old you are already attracted to it and want to approach it, you are immediately repelled, ” the singer revealed to support his point.

For this Cameroonian musical giant, his grandfather was the one who lended him a helping hand.