(Download mp3 + stream) Young Holiday – Warming up

Vanilla Tunes announces the release of a new single titled WARMING UP by their front line artist Young Holiday who has carved a place for himself in the hearts of Conscientious lovers of Rap. Proving track after track to be a master in lyrical craft and Conscious Music. “Warming Up”  to be released on the 20th of November, it’s a track that comes to tease his fans and mirror a clear image of what they should expect from his forthcoming Ep and projects. 

Quoting from his Lyrics, “We are in the ring to save the culture, boxing with foreign gloves”, Young Holiday touches on a number of subjects in this piece including the cultural relevance of our arts and entertainment industry. He goes ahead to ascertain his stance as the Lyrical perfectionist in his A to Z bar for bar display.  (“It’s A Beautiful Catastrophe Don’t Ever Forget, God’s Highly Introverted Judge Killing Lameness, Mystic Nature Of Pure Quality, Rap Skills The Ultimate, Vanilla’s Warrior X_rated, Young Zillion”). 

Young Holiday is not Just the Rapper as many would think, he is an Interpreter , a poet and more spiritually a messenger . Elucidate, I will like you to take a look around you, your environment and yourself. Young holiday is what connects these elements and blends them into a stable equilibrium. He represents intellectual freedom, where boundaries are nothing but slim lines meant to hold us back from experiencing the beauty of life. With a vast body of work including two Ep Projects (Holy Week Ep and Worth The Wait Ep) and an Album(Emmanuel) he is consistently fixing his place in the industry.

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