(Download mp3 + video) Marius – Nobody (Directed by: Tecnno Brain)

After the release of his first single entitled ‘Love story’ in which Marius showcased his creativity in imagining his dreamt life-partner, here he comes again.

In this single ‘Nobody’, Marius has a lot of lessons to both partners and would-be partners. Nobody is full of very danceable vibes and teaches us (amongst other things) that: Drawing fast conclusions without verification is not the best thing to do; That we should be ready to listen to each other’s story b4 reacting; That we got to think twice b4 telling someone to give us space for you may be creating an opportunity for another person; And above all, that we should be forgiving to each other no matter how we feel hurt because of a misunderstanding.

Enjoy the beats, and why not dance out the stress in you, as you watch the creative actions.

Watch/Download song below :