Ambe, first Cameroonian artist to accept his financial state.

As far as social media is concern, all Cameroonians are always “rich”. To be specific, Cameroonian musicians and actors. That is why comments like with your “100frs data” doesn’t surprise regular social media users. In a nutshell, everyone is a rich boss man on Cameroonian Facebook.

Shockingly, Cameroonian super talented singer has distinguished himself by admitting his true financial state. Do you know the irony? Ambe recently bought a new Benz.

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How can broke people buy such? We never know. A car is a necessity to an artist so as is a gadget(phone or laptop) to a blogger.

Ambe says he is a mechanic and calls on fans to come and support his new adventure.

As the third law of Karma states : “You need to accept something before you can change it” we see Ambe becoming a millionaire in some years to come.

Taking to his Facebook handle, he wrote ;

Ask me anything but money I don’t have money I’m broke and I now sell car engines and spare parts in Ndobo Bonaberi.

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