Nathalie Koah to marry soon, her brideprice was paid.

Being one of the biggest influencers in Africa, Cameroonian Nathalie Koah has gone through difficult times as a woman. Photos of herself naked were displayed on the canvas. As a result, everyone discovered that she was the lover of footballer Eto’o Fils.

This incident shook the canvas, to the point where she was led to explain her “difficult” life, but full of luxury being a mistress of a billionaire.

Nathalie koah found herself sharing her experience to give life lessons, to the point of releasing a book. Out of nowhere, without a level, and arriving at the top by her charms, she has challenged herself to prove to everyone that she has potential.

Many Internet users have recognised themselves in her, especially women.

This Saturday, November 14, 2020, Nathalie Koah posted a photo on her snapchat, to announce her brideprice.

“I was beautiful holala. My husband doesn’t like transplants, but yesterday he validated “

Cameroonian didn’t believe in it at all. How can the ex of Eto’o, who lives such a publicised life, marry in catimini? Especially since the influential Biscuit de Mer, she also announced that she was endowed that same day.

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Is it for a reality TV show ?

In response, Nathalie Koah explained that she was beautiful and well equipped. And that it took place in strict privacy, to protect her life as a couple.

For the experience of life has shown him that around it reigns wickedness, hypocrisy and jealousy.