“I cannot marry now”, Davido speaks up on his relationship with Choima.

In an interview with Ndani Tv, Davido opens up on the reason why his marriage to the mother of his child Chioma has been delayed although he is certain they will end up together.

According to the Nigerian artist, after Chioma got pregnant, he felt under pressure to marry her. And after the release of his song “Assurance”, Chioma and her parents started receiving hate messages. “After singing Assurance, Chioma started to receive hateful messages as well as her parents. This situation affected our relationship a lot, then I realized that people don’t like good things. Davido said.”

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It didn’t all stop there, but the couple said they preferred to say nothing, to stay calm. “Before giving insurance, our relationship was going well. Things between us changed after our relationship went public. Our relationship had become everyone’s business ”

Davido then says that at a certain point and to honour Chioma, he felt compelled to propose to her.

“At one point I felt compelled to propose to her, but now I don’t want to anymore. At the end of the day, it’s between the two of us and our families. We would get married, but not now. We’re trying to put a solid foundation and I’m so happy Chioma is focusing on how to make money. We are not going to do things the way people want. “