Fisherman’s Dairy movie review(storyline and moral lessons).

Fisherman’s Dairy is a movie by Cameroonian actor Kang Quintus.

Storyline in a nutshell : The fisherman’s Dairy talks about a young girl called Ekah in a little village. Her father is a fisherman. Ekah loves education. More to that, she is very smart. However, her parents have this typical African mentality of thinking school isn’t for the girl child. Ekah usually goes to teacher Bibih for her to teach her a little for she was a very curious child. The primary school Bibih(Damarise) taught in had to go into a school competition. Though Ramsey Noah (head master)had insulted Ekah and didn’t want to see her at the school premises, he basically had no choice at the end for all his pupils weren’t as smart. He took his wife’s(Daphne) advice. He couldn’t take anyone else apart from Ekah or his school’s reputation would be brought down. After hearing this news, the Fisherman’s friend hurriedly pushed the man to send Ekah off to marriage. He was actually paying off his debt with his friend’s child. Little did the fisherman (Kang Quintus) know. The little 12 -year-old Ekah was forcefully given out for marriage, raped by the old man on the same day continuously till… she wanted to commit suicide and behold.. she went in for the competition though hindered by a lot including her father. Ekah was watched on Tv as she made the school proud. She was inspired by the story of Malala told to her by her teacher Bibih. That is how Ekah moved forward. She graduated and succeeded.

fb img 160461055802988986956934946093010727Moral Lesson: This movie goes ahead to satirize rape, moral decadence, violence and hatred. I feel these are important elements we need to mock at our nowadays society especially with the crazy violence that occurred in Kumba of recent.
Why I cried : This is a true life story of a lady who came out on Équinoxe to talk about her story. She wishes her teacher Bihbih a peaceful rest as she shows her gratitude to her for making her the lady she is today. This goes ahead to show the daily challenges women have to go through. Everyone goes through shit, we just have to carry it and keep moving. As long as there is life, there is hope. It isn’t easy at all.
Why I love the movie :

Universality of the theme: The themes are very universal and highly relatable. As a lady in the entertainment industry and relating with all sorts of people on daily basis, I know it ain’t easy. Moral decadence is common in our society. This should be highly ridiculed.

Shots : I love the shots and colorization of the movie. It is wow !
Sound : Music is strictly 237 whether upcomer or celeb. No discrimination. We have the likes of Fhish, Lesline, Blaise B, Belvia, Verynyuy…
Decor : I even had to ask if the movie was shot in 237 until they said Limbe. Honestly bravo to Kang Quintus and his team. I was amazed.
This movie deserves all the awards. It is a film to wanna watch all day long!