I’m too clean for Jovi beef- Stanley Enow.

The King Kong has revealed that he isn’t mixed in that “dirt”. He is too clean for it.

Repeatedly, fans keep calling Stanley Enow out to terminate his beef with Jovi.

This demand has increased now especially as Stanley keeps calling for an end of the Anglophone crisis.

A fan via Twitter calls Stanley Enow claiming that he only knows beef, while others are trying to grow the industry.

This fan accused Stanley and Jovi for doing nothing for the anglophone crisis apart from insulting each other.

Lady Beamer 237 wrote : Stanley And Jovi only know how for kosh themselves.

Responding to the lady immediately, Stanley Enow says he isn’t in that dirt.

He wrote :

How stupid are you? Have you seen me in that dirt ? You guy should stop. Too clean for that.

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