Some Cameroonian artists and their partners/Girlfriends /Boyfriends

What’s up Afriblinksblog Readers? We will be presenting to you some Cameroonian celebrities (artists) and their girlfriends/ boyfriends/ partners. We won’t be providing photos in all cases.

We all know Cameroonians seldom want to show off their partners to the public that is why we are right here to fish them out.

If you can’t come out, you will be fished. However, to fish out boyfriends of female celebrities is sorta difficult.

1. Magasco

Cameroonian singer, songwriter, producer and business guy Bobe Magasco is having as baby Mama and girlfriend famous entrepreneurial lady Ebangha Njang. They have their daughter Heart.

img 0905

2. Numerica

Francophone singer Numerica isn’t just in a relationship but has a child too. He has engaged his baby mama.

img 0906

3. Ko-C

Cameroonian rapper, Ko-C is dating gorgeous female rapper Yung Meagan.

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4. Mr.Leo

Léo is rumoured to have 2 baby Mamas (one in the USA and Glory). Presently, he is dating Constance.

5. Daphne

Though she hasn’t had sex for over 10 years, Daphne is now engaged.

img 0909

6. Salatiel

The singer is married but photos of his wife hasn’t surfaced online yet. All we’ve seen so far are his kids.

7. Blaise B

His vocal highness is presently dating Diana Galega with whom he has a daughter (Kamila)

img 0910

8. Gomez

Singer Gomez is rumoured to be dating some white lady older than him. According to him, love has no boundaries.

img 0911

9. Locko

Cameroonian singer Locko is in a serious relationship. According to what we heard, he has been dating this lady since his secondary school days. However, we don’t have her photos as of now

10. Tenor

Rapper Tenor is in a serious relationship and has got a baby mama.

11. Wax Dey

Singer Wax Dey is officially off the market.

img 0907

12. Askia

Askia is married to Qilla, a rapper like herself.

img 0912

We named those we have confirmed are in relationships(serious ones) a couple of them are but we haven’t gotten the news yet. The rest just like for ” play play“.

We received news King Kong ,?Stanley Enow hasn’t been in a relationship since 2013.

Drop your opinions, thanks for reading.