‘Daphne & Blaise B now a couple’,the singer reveals what’s up!

Daphne has revealed what’s up with herself and his Vocal Higness Blaise B.

She made this revelation via her snapchat handle. September 20th, Daphne turned 31.

She celebrated it indoors and at the club. We could see artists like Tzy Panchak, Kameni, Blaise B, Cameroonian actor Kang Quintus just to name a few.

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At the club, she seemed so excited. Knowing how her people are (Cameroonians) they will always bring out a vibe.

Before this, Daphne was rumoured of allegedly having an affair with singer Salatiel. Salatiel has produced lots of songs for Daphne, Calée being the one that made her go nationwide likewise without.

For the Cameroonian music crooner, she knows that after Cameroonians will watch her sc story, they will bring out a rumour. Knowing how close she is with Blaise B, they might say she has something to do with him or actor Kang Quintus.

They will be like Blaise B & Daphne now a couple just like we are doing right now.

She wrote : Small time dating news go comot

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Do you think Daphne just knows her people or she is feeling guilty over something? Thanks for reading.