Magasco’s daughter Heart already having a house under construction.

Magasco’s daughter Heart at her young age already owns a house which will be up anytime soon.

The daughter of Cameroonian music crooner was revealed to have a house under construction. This was revealed by her mother Ebangha Njang via her snapchat handle.

The house is being constructed in Yaounde. According to other sources, it is at Jouvence.

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Taking to her snapchat handle, Ebangha wrote : Time to build Heart’s house.

Magasco has been dating this beauty for quite a couple of years now according to sources. They recently had a child whom Magasco named Heart. Equally, his Heart album was named after his daughter.

The reason to this name of hers is because she is very precious to her father. Repeatedly, one can clearly observe that the Bella singer has been posting a lot of photos with his baby.

Magasco should be one of those artists one cannot say is lacking cash. As he posted yesterday, artists shouldn’t only concentrate on the music but also the business part of it. After buying a new popping car worth $25000, the singer is building a house for his daughter. Now, this is what we call money moves/father moves.

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