Woman marries herself after not finding a spouse for herself

Marriage is the union between two people; generally between a man and a woman who feel compatible and can last a lifetime together. Generally, the purposes of marriage is for companionship, Pro-creation and protection.

Oxford student by name Lulu Jemimah has decided to settle down on her own to avoid marital pressures set forth by the society. Her family demanded previously she looks for a man and settle down. In order to chill up these pressures, the 32-year-old decidedes to organize her wedding ceremony and marry herself.

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The wedding cost was as low as $2. This is because her friend who is a graphic designer helped her to print out the invitation, meanwhile her other friend paid to hire her dress and the brother the wedding cake.

Disclosing more information to BBC newsday, Lulu said :
“As young as 21 or 22, people start asking you when you are getting married, for me there is so much more I want to do – like study for this degree.”

According to Jemimah, her mother has always been praying for her to get a good husband meanwhile her father drafted a wedding speech for her at an age as young as 16. Well, she feels she has a lot of things to achieve first like doing her masters.